American Hero Membership Plan

This is a special TVC membership as it offers full TVC annual membership for 5 (five) Veterans at no cost to the Veterans and the purchaser's membership is paid for by TVC.

The American Heroes Plan is a single annual payment of $1677, a savings of over $335 versus the cost of 6 annual memberships purchased individually.

The American Heroes Plan Qualifies for a tax donation to the extent allowed by law. So, not only are you able to help five Veterans enjoy full Member benefits for a full year at no cost individually, you and your family are able to enjoy the same Member benefits.

One final piece of information about which you may not be familiar …

Did you know that the US Federal tax code permits you to deduct most charitable
contributions (as itemized deductions) in an amount up to 50% of your
adjusted gross income (AGI)?  Further, if the amount you give
exceeds the amount you can deduct in the current year,
you may carry the excess forward to be deducted in the
next year, up to five years, as a charitable contribution for
the future year.  Obviously, TVC is not a tax advisor,
therefore, we encourage you to explore this deduction
opportunity with your tax professional.

Help us spread the word and, in so doing, help
promote TVC and our ability to assist our